One Last Ride

One last ride….. As a kid i looked forward to your heavy footsteps beating up the stairs. To wake me up so we can work on this crazy project we had going. You said to me “son, one day this kart will be the product of the future”. I just smiled and nodded as i wanted to put my hands on all the tools and make a mess. Day in and day out we’d spend hours on end trying to connect components getting this thing to work. I’d catch endless tantrums because things wasn’t going my way. Then you told me… patience is key young grass hopper… Now where are you?… i stand looking at this helmet wishing and hoping you were here with me at the age i am now, so you can see i finished this kart and track. I did this for you pops.. i finished our master piece. I hope you’re proud of me….

e-kart set // [amc]

Performance kart set // [amc]

E-Cart Track // [amc]

Helmet Camo (C) // [amc]

110 Pose Set // Animosity

Garage – Fuel’d Up Gacha RARE // [Bad Unicorn]

Car Lift – Fuel’d Up Gacha // [Bad Unicorn]

Double Zip Dad Cap Megapack // ‘BALLY’

Pronged Cuban 24inch Black // [VEX]

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