You had it then you lost it, hall of shame

Nas Pablo_004 (1)

Big bank take lil’ bank, bank
Big bank take lil’ bank, bank
Type of money you gon’ need a safe
Type of money you gon’ need a bank
From the hood, it’s type of money make you stay awake
Type of money she gon’ let you put it in her face
Big bank take lil’ bank, bank
Big bank take lil’ bank, bank

She said, “Whatchu’ gon do if I leave?”
I said, “Bitch, I’ma do me”
B.I.G., bitch everything zoomed in
Big bag on me lookin’ like I’m movin’ in
Got my foot in the door and we still here
I’m a first generation millionaire
I broke the curse in my family not having shit
I’m passionate, like girls that’s after more than just cash and dick
Feed me to the wolves now I lead the pack and shit
You boys all cap, I’m more Colin Kaepernick
I’m rare as affordable health care or going to wealth from welfare
I turn my Ws to Ms, yeah I flip those
I might buy her red bottoms with the crypto
3 coins, that’ll pay ya whole semester
But you gotta ride it better than a Tesla


‘StrayUnicorn’ Ski Mask / [Bad Unicorn] x STRAY DOG @TMD

B Wavy -GLD / .B

Messiah Necklace /p / [VEX]

Deep Waters Tattoo / Speakeasy

Pirate Rings / MINIMAL @TMD

Merit Diamond Watch (18k) / [VEX] 

Menace Boxers / Fli

Loose Tearaway Pants / HX: @TMD


KPop Garage / Minimal @Uber

[Bad Unicorn] Table with Gold ‘The Heat’ @Arcade

[Bad Unicorn] Falling Cash ‘The Heat’ @Aracde

[Bad Unicorn] Shells and Cash Floor Decor ‘The Heat’ @Arcade

[Bad Unicorn] Ssshhhilenced Pistol ‘Gold’ @Arcade