Sensei I’m Your Sensei

do re mi_003 (1)Sensei, yeah, ooh, ooh, sensei, yeah
Sensei, yeah, ooh, I’m your sensei
Yeah, sensei, yeah, ooh, ooh, sensei
Sensei, yeah, ooh, I’m your sensei

Hold it down, don’t never get caught out of bounds (down, brrr)
Get dope, lost Jose, I’m out of town (brrr, brrr)
Pay the price, good deal, pay the price (price)
Where the vibe? White girl singing like she Kelly Price (vibe, ooh)
Up and down, ass jumping up and down (down, down)
Blue flame, strippers in here dolling up (flame, yah)
Beat the case, yesterday I beat the case (case, beat the case)
Your mistake, judge made a big mistake (mistake)
Bitch, I’m your

Sensei, yeah, ooh, ooh, sensei, yeah

Acres now, crib got some acres now (now, got some acres)
Ten rooms, pool party every night (rooms, swim)

Connor Hairbase / Yuth 

Dashiell Facial Hair//Moustache+Goatee / Volkstone @Mancave

Redemption Tattoo / Speakeasy @Mensjail 

[18k] Diamond Ankh 24inch / Vex 

Ice Cream Chain (Gold) / !SOICEY4EVA! 

Yin Pinky RIng Right Signature / FLI. 

Fetish For My Love Series Male 4 Fatpack / Phantom Animations @MOM March 18′

Fetish For My Love Bath Prop (Only In Fatpack)  / [Phantom Animations] @MOM March 18′