And you stressed, yeah, my mood just changed

And you stressed, yeah, my mood just changed

Who gon’ love you like I do? That’s word (oh)
All the times you confused, my words you don’t listen (oh)
You could’ve had Christian and Christian Dior (yeah)
Now you just miss and I’m missin’ you more (oh, woah)
But you knew that I’m the cool cat with the roof back (yeah)
Know I need you by my side, can’t lose that (oh)
But you still wanna test the waters (yeah)
Like I never showed you jets and waters on the coast of Florida (yeah)
So why you wanna act like that? (Woo)
Like the nigga never had your back
His or hers to match
What’s wrong, girl? Pick up the phone
Sayin’, “You not home, nigga, leave me alone” (woo)
But fuck it then, that’s my word, I’ll never love again
Same time wantin’ you back, I’m a sucker then (ooh, baby)
Coulda gave you my last name, you on some other shit
All ’cause you thought I was laid up with some other chick


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