She say, “Do you love me?” I tell her, “Only partly” I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry

Hennything_006 (1)


I been movin’ calm, don’t start no trouble with me
Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me
Don’t pull up at 6 AM to cuddle with me
You know how I like it when you lovin’ on me
I don’t wanna die for them to miss me
Guess I see the things that they wishin’ on me
Hope I got some brothers that outlive me
They gon’ tell the story, shit was different with me

God’s plan, God’s plan
I hold back, sometimes I won’t, yuh
I feel good, sometimes I don’t, ay, don’t
I finessed down Weston Road, ay, ‘nessed
Might go down a G.O.D., yeah, wait
I go hard on Southside G, yuh, wait
I make sure that north-side eat


Godd Hair / Unorthodox 

Oddy Wood Glasses / [Z O O M] @MOM

 Cuatro Cuban Chain / [Bad Unicorn] x ///Benjaminz 

Kayn Sweatshirt  / Complex @MOM

Kayn Joggers / Complex @MOM

Dreams Tattoo / Speakeasy @Pocketgacha 

Cuban Bracelet / Vex 

Yin Pinky RIng Right / Fli

Solar Runners / Vale Koer @K9

Music Studio Skybox RARE / Bad Unicorn @Epiphany 

Portable Studio Speaker / [Bad Unicorn] @Epiphany

Studio Doodle Pad / [Bad Unicorn] @Epiphany Exclusive 

Studio Keyboard / [Bad Unicorn] @Epiphany

Studio Microphone / [Bad Unicorn] @Epiphany

XL Studio Speaker / [Bad Unicorn] @Epiphany

 ‘Framed Golden Record’ / [Bad Unicorn] @Epiphany

Producer Desk RARE / [Bad Unicorn] @Epiphany

Velocity Chroma Keyboard (RB) / Vex

Elite Racer Chair *Rare / Vex

Midnight Toast / Animosity *Edited For Single Person Useage, Just unlink the pose if you want the same outcome !*