The Weekend


LA girls made me like this
They switched and turned me savage
All these girls getting harder to manage
Like, I’m only 22 tryna focus on you
Walk these other females to the exit

I just keep her satisfied through the weekend
Studio nine to five every weekend
We could lose our minds for the weekend
Wednesday Tuesday Thursday
I just have her my way
Think I got it handled for the weekend

John Hairbase Blonde / Unorthodox

 Micro Jesus Necklace Short Platinum / Fli.

No Love Tattoo / Dappa @Mancave

Constellation Watch / Vale Koer

Rope Bracelet / Vex

 Destroyer Denim Jeans “Signature, Faded” / REPRESENT

 Dragon Egg Sneakers / Semller @TMD

Jhamal Pose Pack / Animosity

HIS Ring Platinum Vista / Fli.

anxiety %bedside (gift)