Delete my #, forreal this time


Pull up to the crib so we can work it out
But you don’t want to see me cause your ex tripping out
You deserve an award or two, round of applause for you
You really had me going

“Mighty” Black Ball Caps RARE / HX:

Habib Beard / Unorthodox 

Cloudx Necklace Cuban Gold / Benjaminz @TMD

Cloudx Necklace Ruby Gold / Benjaminz @TMD

Genji Tattoo / Dappa @Mancave 

Cuban Bracelet / Vex

Big Benz Ring / Bjewla 

Tommy Hill Boxers / Fli 

Destroyer Denim Jeans “Signature, Faded” / Represent 

XV Waist Shirts “Slink, Fatpack ” / 2BYTE x REP 

Special Force Sneakers / Vale Koer 

No Parkin’ Helmet (Worn) / [Bad Unicorn] / @TMD

No Parkin’ Backdrop / [Bad Unicorn] @TMD

Black Currency Duffle Bag / HX:

Jhamal Pose (MOH Gift) / Animosity