I’m Helpless

Shes taken the best of meLookbook

Purdie Hair Noir / Unorthodox @HairFair

Aviate Necklace 30inch /w Pendant 18k / [Vex] *Neww*

Triple Stones ring / Bjewla “Worn But not Clearly visible in the picture” 

Zante Shoulder Shirt / BUC

Thanatos Tattoo / Dappa

Washed Combat Joggers “Signature, Fatpack” / Represent @TMD

Balenciaga Boxers / Fli *Neww*

Gold “Classic” Glasses / HX:

Rope Bracelet 18k / [Vex] *Neww*

HIS Ring Gold Jake Left / Fli *Neww*

Juice Watch / Benjaminz 

%83 / anxiety